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Office of International Services

Obtaining a Form I-20

In order to obtain an I-20, the "Request for Certifcate of Eligibility - Form I-20" must be completed and submitted along with any supporting documentation to International Services.

Forms must be submitted at least three (3) months prior to start of first academic term.

Mail the forms directly to International Services (address on page 1 of form). DO NOT forward these documents to your admitting/academic department.


As per federal regulations, we are unable to support the F-1 status for students who have been admitted to a web-based program or to any program for which the majority of courses are offered on line. This means that, if you are enrolling in a web-based program, RBHS will not be able to issue an I-20 in order for you to study in F-1 status. Prospective students who intend to pursue their studies at RBHS in F-1 status are advised to contact their admissions office to verify that the program for which they are applying in not web-based.


Please note that, due to the structure of the MSN program, we are unable to issue a form I-20 for study in the F-1 status. The MSN program cannot accommodate full-time enrollment, as required by the federal regulations pertaining to F-1 students. Foreign nationals wishing to be lawfully enrolled while pursuing the MSN at RBHS must have an alternate nonimmigrant classification that allows them to legally engage in studies. For more information pertaining to this issue, please contact a Designated School Official (DSO) at the Office of International Services at RBHS.


Students who are admitted for a summer term must register full-time for that semester in order to be in compliance with the F-1 status. If your intent is not to register full-time in the summer, you should apply for admission in the fall semester.


1. Please complete all fields on the form. If the field does not apply to you write N/A to indicate that that it is not applicable to your situation.

2. You must also complete the "Statement of Financial Ability" on page 6 utilizing the amounts as listed on RBHS Student Financial Aid website (web address listed on form).

3. Accompanying financial documents must be dated 3 months or less from date application is submitted.

4. Failure to submit a complete application will result in a delay in issuing the Form I-20.

Click here under Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences to obtain Request for Form I-20




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